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1/2-day lesson

For many golfers, a thirty-minute lesson is just not long enough. This half-day experience allows Steve to make adjustments to your long and short games.


Generally, a mix of off-course instruction and on-course coaching works best.




Your half-day lesson (four hours) includes:




  • Video & computer analysis

  • Initial changes to improve various aspects of your game

  • Specific checks of long and short-game

  • Check equipment

  • Putting assessment & adjustment 



  • 9-hole playing lesson

  • Application of swing changes

  • Aiming and course management

  • Before/after video footage with lesson notes




Single student - $450 (a private lesson, no other students)

Two students - $350 each

Three students - $295 each




Starting on the driving range, Steve conducts an initial video/computer assessment of your long-game with woods and irons.  


We will check your equipment for:

  • Iron and hybrid lie angle

  • Length of the shaft

  • Shaft stiffness and weight

  • Driver and fairway woods checked for: correct loft, face angle, weight, shaft-flex and length


We will then move on to your short-game and chipping and putting.


Moving to the golf course, Steve will coach you on alignment, swing adjustments, swing rhythm and shot selection.  Practical, on course coaching, is a vital component of the half-day lesson.


To optimise your learning progress, Steve will provide lesson notes, printouts and before/after videos.

Call Steve today on 0491 601165.

...find out about our 1-day lesson.

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