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Remote Coaching

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Swing Index

Swing Index is a patented machine learning technology designed to address players’ frustration with their inability to improve their game. This technology was built by leading data scientists in the human skill reverse engineering field along with a team of the world’s top golf swing coaches.


The research was converted into a mobile app called The Swing Index, where players can send in their swing from their mobile device. 


An Artificial Intelligence engine combined with a world-class teaching professional produces a personalised step-by-step roadmap to unleash their potential as a golfer. When the player understands their Primary Swing Fault and is shown the correct steps to fix it, the player's performance dramatically improves.

The Process

Download the app via the link or QR code below. Go to my Swing Index website, scroll to the bottom of the page, and complete the Let’s Start section.


Follow the steps to set yourself up in the Swing Index app, then send through two swings from your mobile phone.




Next Steps

From there, I personally analyse your swings, each element is rated, and your personal roadmap is created. This is NOT a single golf lesson; this is a series of lessons to complete your roadmap.


At USD 49.99, this is extremely good value.


Choose an area to work on from the list below. Each area is $49.99

The Swing Index offers a number of options for the areas of your game you would like to improve

  • Personal Full swing analysis – this includes GIR and driving modules

  • Hit more greens – lower your scores and handicap by improving your greens In regulation %

  • Improve putting – lower your scores by improving your putting stroke 

  • Improve scrambling skills – chipping, pitching, your up and down skills around the greens

  • Improve driving  – improve your driving distance & accuracy 

  • Swing maintenance – for a monthly subscription, send in your golf swing with any club for USD 24.49 per month

​Call Steve Darmody today on 0491 601165.
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